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Each month we will be sending home our most current edition of the Falcon Flyer Falk School Newsletter.  This will be translated by our amazing Bilingual Resource Specialists in Spanish, Khmer, and Hmong.  Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is any information you would like added to our monthly newsletter. 

May/June newsletters:

May/June newsletter English

May/June newsletter Español

May/June newsletter Lus Hmoob

May/June newsletter Khmer

March/April newsletters:

March/April newsletter English

March/April newsletter Español

March/April newsletter Lus Hmoob

March/April newsletter Khmer

February newsletters:

February newsletter English

February newsletter Español

February newsletter Lus Hmoob

February newsletter Khmer

January newsletters:

January newsletter English

January newsletter Español

January newsletter Lus Hmoob

January newsletter Khmer

December newsletters:

December newsletter English

December newsletter Español

December newsletter Lus Hmoob

December newsletter Khmer

November newsletters:

November newsletter English

November newsletter Español

November newsletter Lus Hmoob

November newsletter Khmer