• Don’t miss the latest developments in the effort to change school start times. Middle and elementary schools may see changes.
  • Math Fest 2018-Left to right top to bottom : Aidan, Kate, Kirk, Arturo, Max, Diavion, Cassidy, Beyonca
  • Third grader Juniper showing off her art work that will be at the capitol.
  • Kindergartener Emily showing off her art work that will be at the capitol.
  • Fifth grader Arantxa sharing her art work that will be at the state capitol.
  • Art Student Teacher Ms. Courtney hanging up our wonderful students' art work at the Children's Museum.
  • Why choose Dual-Language Immersion at Falk?
    Help your child become multilingual and prepare them to be a global citizen
  • Enrollment for all 4K and Kindergarten students new to MMSD is Monday, March 5
    You can begin the online enrollment process on February 26.
  • Spelling Bee Champion
    Spelling Bee Champion: Ashley Bruno
  • Spelling Bee Participants
    Spelling Bee Participants
  • MMSD Annual Report on Progress
    Join us in celebrating our students' success
  • Learn about your child's report card
    Find resources to learn what the standards-based report cards are all about
  • Congratulations to our First Grade Team
    Marisa Carr, Stephanie Olson, Poppy Paynter and Lucie Yang received the MMSD Excellence with Equity Award for Teacher Collaboration
  • Welcome to Falk Elementary School
    Welcome to Falk Elementary School
    Bienvenidos a la Escuela Primaria Falk